About The Photographer

I've always been the person in my friend group and my family to spend the most time behind the camera. In 2008 two of my best friends decided to get married to each other (isn't it amazing when that happens?!) and asked me to photograph their engagement session. I had always loved being behind the camera but that day I fell in love with capturing couples. Within the year I started booking weddings. Eventually, many of the wonderful married couples I photographed became parents and I found myself photographing families. In 2009 I photographed my first boudoir session and immediately decided to offer boudoir as an option for my clients. 

Today I mostly spend my time behind the camera doing creative portraits and boudoir but I still take on a few weddings a year (and I love to travel for them!)

When I'm not behind my camera photographing fantastic people or behind a computer screen editing images, I'm usually working with small businesses on branding, reading, writing short stories, drinking matcha (shout out to Foxtail Coffee, Paloma, and Holy Grain), or planning my next trip.

If you like my work and want to step in front of my camera, send me an email! I would love to create something beautiful with you!